Ali Riazati
Managing Director

As a top graduate of the highest ranked Iranian technical university, Mr. Ali Riazati has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Sharif university of technology and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Amirkabir university of technology as well as an M.A. in Economics from University of Malaya. He has more than 15 years of experience in some major companies active in Iran’s oil and gas industry such as Oil Industries Commissioning & Operation Co (OICO) and Industrial Project Management of Iran (IPMI).

Mohammad Vaziri

Known as a rich source of knowledge and experience in PODE, Mr. Vaziri has a B.S. in General Engineering from Abadan Institute of Technology and more than 50 years of experience in oil sectors.He had held many key positions in different parts of oil industry. He has had a management role in some major oil filed projects such as MasjedSoleiman Project andAghajari Gas Injection Project as well asAhvaz and Maroon 11 Gas Stations and NGL 700 & 800 Project. He also had been maintenance manager of Azarpad and T Docks,Oil Storage Tanks andAhvaz 1, 2, 4 and Maroon 2 Gas Stations.

Sohrab Nochian
Vice Chairman

“Mr. Nochian” is a well-known management brand name in Iran’s south oil fields with more than 50 years of experience. By completing his studies in NIOC Technical Training Center in Ahvaz, he has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. He had held Several positions of production operation duties such as I/C units, Senior shift supervisor, Zone super indents (Marun Area), Field production super indents (Gachsaran Area), Head of commissioning and engineering (Ahvaz) and Turbine workshop managerin National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC).

We are convinced that good maintenance and operation is one of the key factors for achieving optimum production while ensuring maximum health and safety and minimal environmental impact. Hence, we set our Mission and Vision as below.


Our mission is to provide Operation & Maintenance servicesas well as EPC services in Iran by bringing latest world-class maintenance and production optimization methods to the country and integrating them with our clients’ production objectives. In this way we help our clients develop their natural and human resources and increase production efficiency in a way that is financially, socially and environmentally responsible. We also set our mission to support our clients in being a world class industrial facility through highly efficient and environmentally sustainable operation and maintenance of their facilities, equipment, infrastructure, human resources and natural resources. To do this we concentrate our efforts and energy on following categories:

  • Deliver efficient and long-lead items to the industrial sites
  • Perform system wise commissioning services
  • Provide operational services to achieve minimum down time
  • Deliver preventive, predictive and pro-active maintenance services to gain facilities and resources’ most efficiency

We strive to set a standard of excellence in attracting, and by collaborating with, the world class oil, gas and petrochemical industries and their staff who comprise our living laboratory.


Our vision is to fully master the O&M technologyas an engineering company who serves a considerable share of above service’s market via increasing industry sectors’ efficiency using latest technologies. We also are committed to maintaining high ethical and professional standards as we strive for a Sustainable future.

  • Unit 3, No. 16, Magnolia Alley, Ghaem Magham Ave., Motahari Str., Tehran- Iran

  • (+9821)88326756, 88849822, 86071734
  • (+9821)88326756
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  • Address: Unit 3, No. 16, Magnolia Alley, Ghaem Magham Ave., Motahari Str., Tehran- Iran
  •  PHONE (+9821)88326756, 88849822, 86071734
  • FAX : (+9821)88326756
  • Email: