Commissioning & Start up

Commissioning and Start-up is the final part of a project prior to commercial operation to validate the construction integrity, confirm that the facilities are delivered in a safe, reliable and operational condition and make it ready for operation.

PODE is specialized in provision of Commissioning and Start-up services to oil & gas industries and executes his services in a planned, controlled and quantified manner. We bring expertise, experience and high quality standards to our work by assigning the most appropriate, competent and dedicated to the project’s aims team to each project.

Safety of our employees and customers, suppliers and subcontractors is our primary objective which is achieved via our comprehensive, audited health and safety systems insuring that professional and safe procedures are carried out.

Our engineers work in close cooperation with our clients to gain a better understanding of a project’s scope and requirements and guarantee on time delivery of a well-constructed, safe and best-in-class facility to our clients.

We offer a full range of Commissioning and Startup services covering all phases described below.


  • Pre-commissioning Supervision and Executionkh08
  • System and Sub-System Breakdown and Control
  • VENDOR Package FAT and Pre-commissioning / Commissioning Supervision
  • Flushing / Cleaning/Dewatering Reinstatement
  • Pre-commissioning Modularization
  • Gross Leak Test
  • Cold Wire Loop testing / Point to Point Loop Testing
  • VENDOR Drawing's Updating / As-Built & Manuals Control
  • Pre-calibration
  • Relief Valve Testing
  • Construction Punch List & Clearance Supervision
  • FAT Inspections / Testing & Witnessing Supervision
  • As-Built Drawings Supervision
  • RFC Handover / Pre-commissioning Dossier Preparation
  • Equipment Alignment
  • Bolt Tensioning / Torqueing
  • Pre-commissioning Battery limits/ Interface & Coordination Definition
  • HAZOP & PTR Review
  • Pre-commissioning Preservation/Maintenance/Lubrication/Storage Planning &Supervision


  • Commissioning Scope of Work Definition per system and Sub-system
  • Commissioning Meeting Schedule
  • Commissioning Punch List & Clearance Execution
  • Operational Test Procedure Description & Schedulekh09
  • Permit to Work Procedure Electrical Isolation / Lock-Out / Tag-Out Execution
  • Permit to Work Execution (SIMOPS with Construction)
  • Operational Test Review and Supervision
  • Panel Energization
  • Operating/Maintenance Manuals Development during Commissioning
  • Tie-In Execution
  • Red Line Mark-Ups and As-Commissioned & Final Drawing Procedure
  • Blind List Preparation
  • Plant Leak Test (including valves) / Body & Seat Testing of Critical Valves
  • Control Software Modification
  • Control System Test
  • Modularization Test
  • Temporary Commissioning Equipment Preparation
  • First Fill / Oils / Grease Preparation
  • Drying / Vacuum / Inerting / Purging
  • Test Equipment Preparation
  • As-Commissioned Drawing
  • COMPANY Witnessing / Notification
  • RFSU / Partial RFHO / RFHO Handover Preparation
  • Commissioning Transfer of Responsibility Execution
  • Pre-Start-Up Activity Execution
  • Valve Tagging
  • Final Vessel & Equipment Inspection & testing
  • Pipeline Commissioning


  • Put on pipe work and vessel on line (valves, PSV, locking devices…)
  • Check that all valves subject to a ‘‘locked status’’ to be in the locked open or locked
  • closed position, in accordance with the Approved drawings and procedures
  • Check all isolations
  • Establish the list of available equipment
  • Prepare the ICSS inhibition sheets
  • Perform the audits and technical reviews
  • Check all punch list items’ being treated accordingly and being updated
  • Complete first fills
  • Ensure safety equipment’s and critical utilities availability and reliability
  • Carry out the final safety tests (ESD, F&G, deluge, …)
  • Obtain final clearance for oil/gas in

Decommissioning & Recommissioning

  • Scope definition
  • Impact assessment
  • Identification of required assessments e.g. safety, environmental
  • Development of detailed decommissioning / recommissioning plan including
  • Operations, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation plans
  • Development of detailed project budget
  • Identification of resources
  • Creation of a risk matrix
  • Completion of physical decommissioning / recommissioning activities in accordancewith the plan


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